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What is Epidermoid cyst ?

Dr Yeung Yat Yin ( 楊逸言 醫生 ) 2022-03-20

What is Epidermoid cyst ?

Epidermoid cyst is a common benign skin tumor. Epidermoid cysts are caused by the growth of epidermal cells within the dermis. Epidermoid cysts are usually asymptomatic. It can form nodules or bumps on the skin that gradually grow larger. There will be a small black opening or blackhead at the top of the skin nodule. When a epidermoid cyst becomes inflamed or infected, it becomes red and swollen, and the patient may experience pain. Sometimes a white or yellow cheese-like discharge can be squeezed out from the epidermoid cyst. Most epidermoid cyst can be diagnosed clinically, but sometimes they are not clinically obvious and can be confirmed by pathological examination.

If the epidermoid cysts become infected, oral antibiotics are required. Epidermoid cysts can be removed surgically, and can be done in a clinic under local anesthesia. Scars usually form after recovery.