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What are milia? (粟粒疹是甚麼?)

Dr. Yeung Yat Yin (楊逸言醫生) 2022-2-20

What are milia? (粟粒疹是甚麼?)


A milium is a small cyst which has keratin inside. They usually occurred in cluster and are known as milia.

Milia are common in both sexes and all ages. They are commonly found on face, especially on eyelids and cheeks, but they can arise on other parts of the body. They are harmless, and present as tiny pearly-white bumps under the skin surface.

Milia are harmless, and no treatment is needed in most situations. They may clear up by themselves gradually. Avoiding further skin injury or trama can reduce the formation of new milia lesions. If the milia are a cause for concern for the patients, several treatment options are available. Doctors may use sterile needle to de-roof the lesions, and removed the contents. Diathermy and curettage, or cryotherapy are other treatment options. For widespread or extensive milia, topical retinoids, laser ablasion, dermabrasion and chemical peels can be used.