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What is Melasma? ( 甚麼是賀爾蒙斑? )

Dr Yeung Yat Yin ( 楊逸言 醫生 ) 2021-10-13

What is Melasma? ( 甚麼是賀爾蒙斑? )

賀爾蒙斑是一種皮膚色素問題,會在面部 (特別是臉頰兩側) 出現色斑。治療賀爾蒙斑可以使用外用藥膏,例如Hydroquinone或外用A酸,或一些混合藥膏。果酸換膚和激光也可以用來治療賀爾蒙斑。

Melasma is a type of skin pigmentation problem. About 90% of the melasma patients are women. Women who are pregnant and after childbirth are more likely to develop melasma. The pigmented patches of melasma often appear on the sides of the cheeks, on the forehead, eyelids, lips, nose, and chin.

Multiple factors are involved in the pathogenesis of melasma, such as hormonal changes, UV light, genetic factor, stress, phototoxic drugs, anti-epileptic drugs, and abnormal thyroid function.

Avoid sun exposure is very important to prevent and treat melasma. Topical creams such as Hydroquinone or topical retinoid can be used. Sometimes, doctors will use a combination ointment, commonly used "three-in-one ointment", that is, a mixed ointment of "Hydroquinone, "topical retinoid" and "steroid".

Chemical peels and lasers have certain treatment effects on melasma. In most situations, chemical peels and lasers can lighten the pigmented lesions if they are used appropriately. However, chemical peels and lasers have a risk to worsen melasma. Depending on the individual patient's condition, doctors may choose to use a combination of several types of treatments. Remember to find a doctor who has experience in the treatment of melasma.